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African grey parrot is a beautiful bird that you may have in your own house. This bird has beautiful gray feathers and black beak. Many people are interested to have this pet because of its beauty and strong appearance. This si claimed as one of the smartest birds in the world. Its intelligent can be compared with some other smart animals, such as dolphins and chimpanzees. In some cases, you may want to bring your lovely parrot during your vacation. There are several useful tips that you need to follow when you travel by air or travel by car.

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African Grey Parrot – Cage

How to Travel with Parrots by Car

When you are planning to travel by car, you should prepare all important things for your lovely African Grey Parrot. It is recommended that you buy an african grey travel cage. There are some travel cages that are available on the market. You are able to choose the best one based on your needs. This travel cage is usually smaller than the regular bird cage in your house. However, this cage usually has enough room to allow your parrot to spread his wings easily. This cage should have enough ventilation systems, so your parrot can breathe normally without having any problems. Do not forget to put food or water bowls inside this cage. Your parrot needs to drink and eat during your journey. Make sure that you get access to this cage, so you are able to give him some foods or water easily.

How to Travel with your Parrot

Your parrot should feel comfortable with this travel cage. It is a good idea that you place your lovely parrot inside this cage before your journey. This step is very important to let your bird be familiar with this cage. If you are planning to travel by car, you should find some pet-friendly hotels along the journey. These hotels usually allow you to bring your pets inside your chosen hotel. Do not forget to request for the nonsmoking room for yourself and your African grey parrot. When traveling with your car, you should secure your travel cage with the safety belt properly. This step is very useful to prevent this cage from falling easily.

How to Travel with Parrot by Air

Before you reserve your flight ticket, you should tell the reservation agent about your parrot. You should take a look at some requirements that you need to fulfill when you are planning to bring your African grey parrot. Different airplanes may have different requirements for all passengers. Most flights usually require you to have your bird in a carrier. You should buy a travel bird carrier that can be opened easily. This African grey travel carrier should have enough space for your bird to stand normally. This carrier is very useful to protect your parrot during your journey. The item should have a small plate to place some drinking water for your lovely parrot.

Make sure that you choose the best carrier that has enough ventilation system. This system is very useful to allow your parrot to breathe normally when you travel by air. Do not forget to mark your carrier with your name, destination address, and also contact information. You should also write down “Live Animal” on top of this item. This label is very important to let other people know that you bring live animal which is African grey parrot. It is a good idea that you place your parrot inside this carrier several times before your trip. This activity is very useful to let your parrot feel comfortable inside this carrier. It is very important to let him feel happy when he is inside the carrier.

Those are some recommended tips for you who want to travel with your lovely parrot. Before your trip, you may have to prepare all important things properly. It is a good idea to bring your parrot to your favorite veterinarians. These doctors should be able to check the health condition of your African grey parrot. It is important to know that you can bring your bird as long as he is in fit or healthy condition. You can ask your veterinarians about the overall condition of your lovely parrot. All of these steps are very useful for you who want to travel with your parrot without having any problems.

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