Terms of Use

I. Introductory provisions

1. The operator of the Internet portal is African-grey-parrot.net Prime Media Ltd., Fran Mojtu 18, 94901 Nitra.
2. African-grey-parrot.net The portal is intended for private, educational, and limited extent, for commercial purposes.
3. The provision and use portal services African-grey-parrot.net defines these terms.
4. The terms of use of services and attending to African-grey-parrot.net the user’s unconditional agreement to these Terms. If the user does not agree to the Terms, is not entitled to use the service.

II. Privacy policy portal African-grey-parrot.net

1. Prime Media Ltd. African-grey-parrot.net respects the privacy of users and the need for protection and treatment of any personally identifying users. The concept of personal data indicates information, which can be used to identify an individual, for example. name, address, email and other personal and business contact information.
2. In general, the user can visit African-grey-parrot.net without any details. Some of the elements on African-grey-parrot.net may use cookies or other tracking technologies and to allow the holding of information that a user previously entered. The use of cookies is possible to completely disable the part of a visitor’s Internet browser. In this case, however, it may not operate properly African-grey-parrot.net. Tracking technologies may record information such as Internet domain, browser version and host names, IP addresses, dates and times of access to the domain African-grey-parrot.net.
3. All information collected from cookies, respectively. visitors can Prime Media Ltd. used for statistical purposes and improving its services.

III. The rights and obligations of the portal African-grey-parrot.net

1. Prime Media Ltd. does not warrant the full functionality of the services and features African-grey-parrot.net, while not responsible for any damage incurred in connection with the malfunctioning or misuse African-grey-parrot.net.
2. Prime Media Ltd. is not responsible for the content of contributions in debates and forums, and user activity. Contributions to the debates, forums and bulletin boards and user profiles reflect the views of users and Prime Media Ltd. assumes no liability and does not identify with presentation of ideas, content, contributions and discussions in communications between users. Any contribution from a discussion portal operator has the right to delete without prior notice. Automatically will be deleted posts containing profanity, intrusive, are offensive or defamatory nature and violate the Constitution and laws of the Slovak Republic.
3. Direct Media Ltd. He has the right at any time, without giving a reason discontinuing the services temporarily or permanently, in whole or in part, also have the right to perform technical maintenance and site even without any prior notice.
4. News and elements on the page labeled PR, advertising, publicity, TS, press releases, OTS are supplied by a third party and African-grey-parrot.net not responsible for the content.

IV. The rights and obligations of the user

1. The user is obliged to observe these rules and at the same time, specific rules when such applied to some of the services affiliated websites and subdomains African-grey-parrot.net as well as the provisions of generally binding legal regulations of the Slovak Republic.
2. The users of services to African-grey-parrot.net is prohibited:
a) use of vulgar, phrases or other words or phrases of sign, the direct or indirect meaning is contrary to the generally accepted social morality and ethics,
b) state false, unproven, misleading, defamatory or false information about another person,
c) promote violence and open or hidden form of incitement to hatred based on sex, race, color, language, belief and religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, nationality or ethnic group,
d) promote war or describe cruel or otherwise inhuman conduct in a manner that is inappropriate to their belittlement, apologizing or approving,
e) open or hidden form promote alcohol, alcoholism, smoking, use of drugs, poisons or trivialize the effects of using those substances,
f) endanger the physical, mental or moral development of minors or disturb their mental health and emotional state,
g) promote pornography
h) open or hidden form of promoting political party or movement, or its representatives,
i) open or hidden form to provide advertising, to any natural or legal person, any products or services.
3. The user is responsible for their contributions and activities on African-grey-parrot.net and agrees that it will not use the service for purposes that are inconsistent with generally binding legal regulations of the Slovak Republic and in breach of these terms and conditions of the specific services .

V. rules of debate and communication African-grey-parrot.net

1. Prime Media Ltd. is not responsible for the content and activities in discussions among users.
2. Contributions and expression of individual discussants represent the views of readers and visitors African-grey-parrot.net and Prime Media Ltd. is not responsible for the opinions expressed are not identify with them.
3. The discussion and communication among users is prohibited to add contributions that:
a) contain vulgar, threats and personal attacks against other discussants and third parties,
b) encourage the suppression of fundamental rights and freedoms, violence, racism, discrimination, defamation groups, racial, national and ethnic intolerance,
c) promote commercial products or are clearly ad content
d) contain data about others, particularly their address, phone number, if to that person did not give consent,
e) spreading slanderous, defamatory, obscene or other unlawful materials, and is also prohibited to publish any link to websites with such content.
f) repeat these same post, contain meaningless or unintelligible texts,
g) calls for breaking the law are outrageous and contrary to the principles of morality.
4. Prime Media Ltd. It reserves the right to intervene in individual posts, delete posts or individual users to limit the possibility to participate in a discussion if the contributions violate these rules or by previous posts particular author, it is suspected that could violate these rules. The user can prevent the debate to other users or distort competition or harass other users.
5. If the user considers that any of the publications, contributions from violating these rules, please notify us of this fact on info@rej.sk.

VI. Rules for the use and adding content

1. The content of the African-grey-parrot.net is protected by copyright law and European law. Transcript, distribution or further disclosure of this content or part of the public, by any means, without the prior consent of the Prime Media Ltd. prohibited. All rights reserved done their Prime Media Ltd. Any use or its parts, mainly copying and spreading texts, photographs or figures by mechanic or electronic means and in other language than in Slovak without the written permission of Prime Media Ltd. It is prohibited. Prime Media Ltd. as the authorized representative of authors of articles published on African-grey-parrot.net reserves the right to authorize reproduction and communication to the public of articles bearing the slogan “Intelligence license reserved” as well as the public distribution of copies of these articles according to § 33 paragraph. 1 point. a) and d) of Act no. 618/2003 Z.z. on copyright and rights related to copyright (the Copyright Act).
2. A user who publishes the African-grey-parrot.net their word, sound, visual or audiovisual contributions, particularly articles, videos, recordings or pictures, not for his contributions published on African-grey-parrot.net entitled to any copyright reward.
3. No user portal African-grey-parrot.net not before prior written consent copy pictures or text messages, and included in its database, respectively. they spread further, whether for commercial or non-commercial purpose unless it has the written consent of the operator. In case of violation of this section, the user undertakes to pay the operator portal contractual penalties in the amount of € 450 excluding VAT for each such used text, respectively article, part, image, audio file, video file, or audio-video file. This provision does not apply in the spread of headlines, images thumbnails, annotations in (PEREX) and links to the full article through the RSS feed, or other sharing on the Internet.
4. The user declares that he is authorized to deliver Prime Media Ltd. In order to use the African-grey-parrot.net their contributions and that he had obtained all necessary permits, licenses and rights required under applicable law. The user declares that the contribution supplied or used for African-grey-parrot.net which are protected under the Act no. 618/2003 Z.z. on copyright and rights related to copyright (the Copyright Act) confers Prime Media Ltd. permission to use all methods known to date postings on African-grey-parrot.net, in unlimited extent, non-exclusive, free of charge and without time limit.
5. The user posts adding visual declares that he is authorized to publish posts and if you are getting all qualify for such treatment of contributions by beneficiaries. If you post protected rights of third parties licensed user acknowledges that he is entitled to dispose of a contribution does not infringe the rights of third parties.
6. Disclosure their contributions to African-grey-parrot.net user agree to release and use of contributions, including the user’s own photos.

VII. Final provisions

1. Prime Media Ltd. It reserves the right at its sole discretion change the terms and scope of services provided on African-grey-parrot.net without notice. The change is valid and effective and user-friendly binding on the date of publication on the website African-grey-parrot.net. The user is obliged regularly to acquaint themselves with changing conditions. If users continue to use the service after making changes to these conditions, it is understood that with the change unreservedly agrees.
2. Prime Media Ltd. It reserves the right to modify or completely replace these conditions the new wording of the conditions (the “change of conditions”). Changing conditions will be published on the website African-grey-parrot.net later than the date of its effectiveness.
3. The user and the operator have agreed that the relations arising out of any use African-grey-parrot.net and its services is governed by an effective wording of the conditions and provisions of the relevant legislation.
4. These arrangements shall take effect on the date of August 25, 2014

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