Selecting the cages for African Grays

When you choose to purchase an African Gray as a house pet, the cages you choose for that bird is just as important as any other aspect of care. This breed, although smaller than most parrots, needs plenty of space to move around in. Even if they are only in the cage over night or when you are out of the home, they need freedom of mobility, and they need plenty of room to move and play around the cages that you buy for them.

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African Grey Parrot – Cage


When it comes to the size, the bigger the cage you can find, the better. A size of at least 2 feet wide and 3 feet long is advisable; but, if you have the space, and can afford it, a larger size would be a great option for you to choose when trying to find the right cage for the parrot.


When you choose the cages to place the parrot in, you have to find the ideal spot in the home as well. You want to place the cage in a location where there is interaction with people, but not too much traffic in the home. You also want to avoid places where drafts occur or too much sunlight comes in to the home, to avoid overheating. The parrot needs to be seen and heard, but too much traffic is not the best option either.


Once you set up the cages, a selection of perches, wooden is a better option, should be spread throughout the cage. This not only gives the parrot somewhere to stand or sleep, it also gives them something to do in the cage, for the hours that they are in it. When choosing the perches, you should buy those made of all natural woods, and something that is not too slippery for the parrots.


When you set the cages up, you also want to have toys inside. You want the parrot to stay busy, so having a few toys in the cage, and rotating them with other toys every so often, is something to consider so your parrot does not get bored. You have to remember that when you are not home, all they have are these toys, and other items in the cages, so you want to find things that will keep them busy, and you want to choose a cage that gives them room for freedom of mobility to fly around in as well.

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Play gym

Although it is not essential, it is a good investment if you want to keep the parrot active, and give it something else to do, while it is in the cage during the day, and when you are out of the home.

No matter how many hours a day the parrot stays in the cages, or if they are always housed in the cage, you have to consider size as the major concern, and with this aspect, the larger a cage you can find, the better it is for the parrot.

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  2. Andreas Brandner

    I have zwo breeding pairs. Now i consider to build a new cage. As space is limited, I think about bilding one freeflight-area outside and two breeding boxis inside. The breeding boxis will be stricktly separate so that the birds connot see each other. The boxes inside will have about 2 sm. Outside the two pairs have to share one freeflight area with about 10 sm. During breeding Time I would close the doors so that the birds are sparate. In Summer I open the doors and all 4 birds share one freeflight area. Do you think that breeding could be sucessful with this setup?

  3. Ed Raphael

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