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If you choose to breed African Gray Parrots, it is important to learn all about care, and how to take care of them. From where they are bound to thrive, to choosing the right cage and foods, or even selecting the best toys, the more you know all about care and taking care of the parrot, the better a life it is going to have, and the longer the lifespan you can expect as well, as an owner or a breeder of these highly desired parrots.

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The cage

An African Gray is a smaller parrot breed, but still requires plenty of space. So, even if the cage is only for them to sleep overnight, it should be pretty spacious, and allow for ease of movement. A cage that is at least 3X2 feet, and about 4 feet tall, should be the smallest size you choose.


This species is known as a very busy and intelligent one, so rather than consider the fun and colorful toys, you should look for items that simply keep the parrot’s mind occupied. Having a few toys and rotating them in the cage, and limiting the number of toys you put in a cage to avoid boredom, are some things to consider when you are selecting the toys. Also, choosing items that require more thought, rather than simply fun or cute items, should be something you do as an owner.

Know the species

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There are two species of African Grays; one is more laid back, while the other species is more neurotic and needs constant movement and attention. Knowing what you are dealing with will help in the care, preventive issues (from certain illnesses and diseases), and will help you properly care for the bird, over the course of its life.

Know about the bird’s past

If you purchase the African Gary, knowing all about care for that parrot might depend on its past. When you buy the bird, you should talk to the pet shop clerk about where the parrot came from, the previous living conditions, possible abuse, and other issues, so you know what you are dealing with. The more you know, and the more they can tell you about past behavior and how the parrot was raised, the easier it will be for you to care for the parrot when you take it home.

Simple tips like proper diet, giving it room to exercise and fly, purchasing a good quality t-stand, and stimulating the parrot’s mind, are all basics with any African Gray. Talking to a breeder, finding out everything you can, and asking questions, are very important. Choosing to purchase and care for an African Gray is not the best option for everyone. They are a bird you will have to care for and constantly monitor, they have a longer life span, and they do require constant care and attention. So, before you make an impulse buy, you have to consider these things, and assess if you are willing to care for and nurture the bird.

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