What are some unique names for African Gray Parrots

These animals are unique, different, and they are always funny. They are known for always trying to copy others whenever they possibly can. You will find these parrots to be very fun to have around. If you just got one or you have yet to buy one, you probably are thinking up of names to give your parrot. This can be a bit tough for some people to do who really are a bit clueless as to what they will want to call their little parrot. There are plenty of people who really just want to give their parrot any name that they can think of, but there are benefits to giving them a wonderful name with a meaning.

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Choosing a name for a parrot

Find out what they like or say often

If your parrot always says “Hey, what’s up Doc?” then giving them the name ” Bugs Bunny” can be a great idea. There are so many people who just love how their parrots can say a certain thing all the time or mimic a sound. If your parrot always makes the noise of a sink as the water falls down, then maybe giving him or her the name “washy” can be a cute idea. Just be sure to use a lot of your creativity, and you will surely enjoy calling your parrot by its name.


Pay attention to their looks. If their face looks similar to an old lady, you can call the parrot “Granny” or any other old person’s name that you would like to use. You always want to find out about their looks and face. Consider paying close attention to how they act as well. If they are folling around, giving them the name of a comedian can be a really cute idea.

Certain Celebrity Names

One family who owns two birds named one of them Obama and the other Oprah. Nobody ever said that giving an animal a funny celebrity name is wrong. Consider giving your favorite celebrity a cute little name whenever possible of a celebrity. Fnd a celebrity that you just love so much, and then name your parrot after them. Celebrities are always having their names taken out of context often. Most of them are used to having their names become the names of other animals.

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African Grey Parrot – Cage

A couple of unique names to give your parrots

  • Squeaky
  • Smiley
  • Oprah
  • Obama
  • Winkster
  • Barney
  • Antsy
  • Poopsy
  • Jane

Those really are just a couple of examples. You should really consider looking into finding a cute African Gray Parrot and choosing its name carefully. The name you give your parrot is going to be the main name that they will alqays be using no matter what. These parrots are unique and definitely worth looking into buying. If you are still deciding on a name, use the tips above to help you come up with the right name that will suit into their name and interests the most. Just remember that using your mind, their looks, and whwt they say can help you choose.

22 thoughts on “What are some unique names for African Gray Parrots

  1. Wendy

    I’ve owned my Congo African Grey for 13 years now. His name is Tori.

    Yes, I was highly unoriginal and gave him a Japanese name that means ‘Bird.’ But he responds very well to it, and not may people around here know the name’s true meaning (those that do think it’s hilarious!).

  2. Barbara

    My son named his Athol an the little guys recognizes an loves it. An I think I’m naming my little girl Ms. Heather Grey. She seems to like it so far….

  3. mplo

    I have a now-6.5 year old pet female Congo African Grey Parrot named Aziza, which means “Gorgeous” in Swahili. She’s sweet, lovable and funny, and she evokes a lot of laughs.

  4. Lynetta Steyn

    Getting my second african grey, a female. Still looking for a name. My male is a 10 yr old male named Congo. Very talkative and a great pleasure

  5. Valerie

    I named my African Grey, Gandalf the Grey. lol Unfortunately those NOT of my generation had a hard time with that name though is was almost as fun to watch as it was to watch him figure out how he really wanted to pronounce his own name. lol

  6. Kathy D

    Our baby is the softest mixture of grey and white. Since his s tail feathers are red it looks like his bottom is on fire. We named him Smoke!

  7. esa

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