What are the most suitable toys for African Gray Parrots

African Gray Parrots are wonderful pets to own in the house. It is fun when they begin to talk and they can have normal conversations with you and your family. These parrots, however, should always be lcoked inside of a cage often, especially when there are people around. They can tend to fly away when they are first brought home to a new family. Keeping them in good company is the best way to help make sure that they are safe in their cage but also having fun all throughout the day.

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African Grey Parrot – Cage

What are the most suitable toys for African Gray Parrots?


Just like how a rat always needs a small wheel to spin inside of, a nice swing to give the parrot is worth doing. Most parrots just love it when they can move back and forth over and over again. Most of them will contiuously do so for hours on end. It can be quite exciting when they do this. Swings are really fun little ways to keep them occupied all throughout the day. Giving them a swing that can take up the entire space of their cage is what most parrot owners do.

Foraging toys

These are great things to give your parrot. You can fill up the foraging toy with some nuts or foods that they can eat, and they will be forced to try and chew their way inside of the foraging toy in order to get their favorite food. It will be quite fun to consider giving your little parrots these fun toys. You should never really consider buying a badly designed foraging toy. You want to be a bit careful with how you actually get this set up; some parrots can tend to get hurt if the toy is made out of a badly created material. However, the majority of foraging toys are safe for parrots to play with.

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Chewable balls

You can give your parrot something that they can chew on all throughout the day. The are similar to dogs; all they want to do is have something in thier mouths as often as possible. It is very possible for you to sew together a nice little ball, and that ball can already be good enough for them to play with.

Mini forest

If you have more than enough additional space, consider placing a small little forest inside of the cage. This forest will have a plastic material emulate the look of branches, leaves, and help give the parrot the feeling that they are in the wild. It is quite a fun little thing to give them.

African Gray Parrots are unique animals. You need a way to help keep them happy and enjoying their life throughout each day. Giving them an interesting toy or cage design can help keep them occupied and living a fun life. Parrots are simple animals who just want to live their lives with food and toys they can play with. Be sure to give them the toys listed above.

6 thoughts on “What are the most suitable toys for African Gray Parrots

  1. Emmi Kai

    You wrote “these parrots, however, should always be locked inside of a cage often, especially when there are people around”. Anyone who reads this,
    African greys SHOULD NOT BE LOCKED INSIDE A CAGE OFTEN. What sort of advice are you giving, do you even understand what these birds need? African greys need space, love and tons of attention. They are birds, birds fly and hop around the treetops all day in the wild, therefore they need similar freedom in the home!!

  2. TRACY

    Any one have any experience with a very plucked African Grey. He was bonded to my husband who passed away almost 2 years ago and he has plucked himself almost bald. He has also started to gurge especially at bedtime. I’ve had him to the vet and on meds, tried different bath sprays, a ton of shredding toys, thinking about getting him a friend. I do have lovebirds but he doesn’t like them very much, even though he grow up around them. Any suggestions???


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