Cost of African Gray Parrots for Sale

You can choose from a lot of animals in pet shops but if you are looking for pets other than dogs and cats, getting an African Gray Parrot is a great choice. African Gray Parrots are among the pets which are not very difficult to handle. Although it may take some time for you to really communicate with your parrot, you will surely enjoy a lot when you start having a real relationship with your pet. African gray parrots are said to be one of the most intelligent species of parrots. They are known to have exceptional talking and mimicking abilities which you will surely enjoy. They can also be playful especially when you’ve been with them for quite some time. Choosing African Gray Parrots as pets is a very good decision but if you want to have the best ones, you must buy them from the best places.

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Best Places to Buy African Gray Parrots

There are basically two places where you can buy an African Gray Parrot. But, there are certain pros and cons when choosing these places and it’s up to you to weigh the differences.

Pet shops

African Gray Parrots are not as many in pet shops compared to dogs and other types of pets. The main advantage of purchasing African Gray Parrots in pet shops is you can readily see the pet. You can see how it looks like, its color, its size and its other features. The disadvantage, however, is it is not available in all pet shops. You may be requested to place your order for an African Gray Parrot and the pet shop will contact you when your pet has arrived.

Online shops

Many individuals wanting African Gray Parrot may choose to purchase online due to its many advantages. Purchasing online makes it easier for you to find the pet of your choice. You no longer need to find a pet shop selling African Gray Parrots since all you have to do is to make an online search. Prices and costs of the pet are also available in online shopping sites. The features of the African Gray Parrot, including its age, are also available. The only disadvantage when purchasing online is you cannot see the pet in actual. Since you cannot see it face to face, it is best for you to purchase African Gray Parrots in a legitimate website to assure their reliability.

African Gray Parrots for Sale

There are several factors which may affect the price and cost of African Gray Parrots for sale. These include the pet’s age, appearance and abilities. Younger African Gray Parrots are sold at lower prices since they are not yet trained. Prices may range from $300 to $500 and above. Adult African Gray Parrots which have been trained are sold at $500 and higher. If you are a good bird handler, it is advisable for you to purchase young African Gray Parrots and train them yourself. However, if you do not have an idea on how to train birds, you may as well consider purchasing Adult African Gray Parrots.

10 thoughts on “Cost of African Gray Parrots for Sale

  1. farhan Abbas

    dear i need buy 12 gray parrots from Africa, could you please tell me it is available in your stock and tell me your best price with freight charges.

    i’m waiting for your prompt reply in this regards.


  2. Derrick

    Hi Dear clients kindly see our prices below

    Green Wing Macaw$2800 (2 left)
    Hahns Macaw$550
    Yellow Crown Amazon$900 (3 left)
    Painted Conure$400 (5 left)
    Rose Fronted Conure Baby$550 (1 left)
    Red Billed Toucan handfed$2500
    Blue Headed Pionus$600
    Dusky Pionus$600 (5 left)

    Yellow Eye Canary$90
    African Citril$80
    White Bellied Canary$120
    Yellow Crowned Canary$120
    Brimstone Canary$120
    Grey Canary$50
    Bicudo Male Singing$1500
    Dark Capped Bulbul$150
    Goldfinch hybrid$400$650
    Linnet Pair$350/pair (1 left)

    Call +237 79585405
    Please Like our page on facebook
    to be updated of all incoming shipments live!

    1. Derrick

      Dear Client,
      Thanks for your Inquiry and sorry for the late reply,Yes i do ship birds across Africa and Abroad, below is my price list

      African Grey Cameroon $950
      African Grey Congo $850
      African Grey Timneh $750
      African Senegal $350
      African Meyers $350
      African Red Bellie $350
      Double Yellow Head $900
      Lilac Crowned $700
      Rose Breasted $1,500
      Moluccans $1,500
      Umbrellas $1,000
      Elenoras $1,100
      Goffins $900
      Sun $300
      Blue Crown $350
      Cherry Head $350
      Green Cheek $250
      Nanday $250
      Redsided $800
      Solomon Island $800
      Blue and Gold $1000
      GreenWing $1500
      Hyacinth $8500

      Tel: +237 6717-747-60
      Tel: +237 6717-747-55


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