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An African Gray Parrot is one of the best types of pets that you could ever have. You should consider buying yourself a great parrot that will talk often and be a great companion whenever you are lonely. Talking gray parrots are what many people enjoy buying for their home because of the unique look that these animals have. In this article, you are going to learn about all kinds of things that an African Gray Parrot can say. You will learn how to teach them talk as well. With the right approach to teaching them how to speak, you will be able to have then talking in no time.

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African Grey Parrot – talking

What words are these animals capable of speaking?

The most interesting thing about these animals is that they can tend to mimic voices, sounds, and phrases once they have heard something multiple times. You can teach them interesting phrases like “Hello, how are you?” and “You are very pretty.” Your goal should be to share everything to them as much as possible. Many parrots are faster than others, so it is really vital that you are very patient with how you actually teach them. They can say a lot of long phrases, and it all depends their experience.

How to teach a parrot how to speak


The key to teaching a parrot to speak is to always do several repetitions of each thing that you say. If it’s a phrase you are teaching them, consider saying it to them multiple times. There are so many people who have taught their parrots how to speak by simply telling them multiple phrases over and over again. A repetition process will help make sure that you are always able to get them remembering the phrases or words. Be sure to repeat the same words and phrases to them as often as possible.

Start off small

You always want to teach them words first before any phrases. It will help make sure that they develop the right skills to speak the smaller words first. Starting off small is oftentimes thought of as not useful to do, but it will save you so much time in the long run. Some people tend to rush into the hard words and phrases away.

Pure Speaking

Be sure to enunciate every single word and sound that you make. Parrots are usually just like young babies and children who are trying to speak. You need to teach them correctly how to speak by enunciating phrases down to the last vowel and consonant.

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These animals can make great pets. You will find that there are so many African Gray Parrots are able to learn how to speak in a lot of ways. By talking to them and creating a fun conversation with them as much as possible, then you will be able to have them follow you and slowly develop the skills to speak normally. These parrots are quite unique animals who speak faster than any other animal. Use the tips above to teach them faster.

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